My Brucellosis, “Brucella” battle Grace Nakibaala

I thought this was another “malaria,” where all you need is a few medications to get back on your feet. I was completely wrong!!!

Now I know why my parents and best friend Mike got so shocked and sad when the doctor revealed that I am suffering from Brucellosis. My mum’s words, “…where the hell did you get it from…? Oh my baby…” When I tell her I have malaria or any other illness I have ever had, she just checks the drugs I am prescribed and asks we go hung out for lunch or something…

For me I was grateful that my problem had been found. I had been suffering from fever, sweats, fatigue, anorexia, and muscle/ joint aches for over 3 months. All the time I would go to the hospital, of course they would test for malaria and typhoid and results would be negative. I was always told to get enough rest and drink a lot of water to feel better.

Big Ideas Team Heads to USAID’s TechCon

Grace Nakibaala, Isah Ssevume, and Molly Mbaziira Nannyonjo from Makerere University formed the PedalTap team to prevent the spread of infection at communal handwashing facilities in Uganda. The PedalTap is a free-standing, universally-fitting connection that can be attached to any water tap. Rather than turning the tap on and off using their hands, users can control water flow by stepping on a foot pedal that is made from a bicycle brake handle and a spring-loaded water cut-off mechanism.

graceTransforming the PedalTap from an idea into