is a retrofittable and affordable, hands free foot operated water dispensing device designed to reduce the spread of infectious disease and save water.

PedalTap advantages

Hands free, foot operated

Reduced Spread of Infectious Diseases

Reduced water wastage

Cost Effective & Durable

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9 May
PedalTap at NEF2018 Plenary: Conversation with Africa’s Brightest Innovators

Every year, brilliant young Africans are making inspiring new discoveries, pushing the bo...

Pedaltap at the Next Einstein Forum NEF 2018
PedalTap at the Next Einstein Forum 2018

  PedalTap at the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering 2018

PedalTap was one of...

21 Mar
Pedal Tap Officially launched

It was yet another fulfilling and exciting afternoon on Wednesday March 21, 2018 as we wi...

PedalTap Launch

InnovAsepsis Limited is pleased to announce and invite you to the launch of the PedalTap ...


“The no touch that PedalTap is creating is long wanted… With minimal funds generated by the health facilities, we can maintain a PedalTap versus the sensors. I hope that this can be the next generation hand washing facility installed at all medical facilities and general public points here in Uganda.”

Dr. Opar Bernard,

Program Manager at the Uganda Ministry of Health

Hand washing is a simpler low-cost action to prevent the spread of many health care associated infections . 60% of nosocomial infections can be mitigated by proper hand hygiene but adherence is only 40%


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