PedalTap at NEF2018 Plenary: Conversation with Africa’s Brightest Innovators

Every year, brilliant young Africans are making inspiring new discoveries, pushing the boundaries of innovation. This plenary session was to help participants catch up with recent breakthroughs across the continent, with each Innovator sharing their breakthrough. Panelists were; Arthur Zang – CardioPad, Ms. Temie Giwa-Tubosun, Life Bank, Brian Turyabagye – Co-inventor of the MamaOpe, Dougbeh Christopher Nyan – Liberian Doctor and Creator of Nyan Test, Cedric Atangana – CEO of Infinity Space, Builder of WeCashUp, Mahmud Johnson – Founder and CEO of J-Palm Libera, Grâce-Françoise Nibizi – Founder, SaCoDé & Ageteka Project, Grace Nakibaala – Founder and CEO PedalTap, Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga – Founder and CEO, SMIN Power Group, Patrick Nsenga Buchana – CEO of AC Group Ltd and the session moderator Michelle Gregory, Vice-President of Content and Innovation, Elsevier.


A presentation by Grace Nakibaala – Founder and CEO PedalTap,